Claire Patton

Physical Theater Mojo


Testimonials from Students and Collaborators

“Creating theatre with Claire is a joy! Seldom have I had so much fun while doing the hard work of creation as I’ve had with Claire.  She has a knack for bringing people together and finding the best in her co-workers, actors, students. Her huge open heart allows her to teach, direct and act with compassion and clarity.  Claire Patton has a wild, wacky, funny and bright as the sun energy about her that is infectious and delightful leaving you constantly wanting more.”  —Kjersti Webb, Founder, Everything Theatre Company (Falun, Sweden)

“What I’ve loved about working with Claire over the past five years is her uncanny ability to provide structure, focus, and direction for creative work while simultaneously stepping out of the way to let the true heart of the work reveal itself. She embodies the best characteristics of both dreamer-visionary and realist-craftsman. Her commitment to artistry, authenticity, and excellence shine through in all her work.” —David Bergner, Songwriter and Composer (Boulder, CO)

“Claire is an amazing director and teacher.  She helped me excavate buried worlds of beautiful madness that were eagerly waiting to be brought out into the light.  Her ability to gently guide me into intricate patterns of story telling through physicality, embodiment, and breath has helped me locate myself as a performer in new and profound way.  I haven’t felt this excited about performance and the creation of original work in a very long time.”  —Joanna Rotkin, Artistic Director and Choreographer for TinHOUSE Experimental Dance Theatre

“Working with Claire on Dancing with Demons was nothing short of exceptional. It stands out as a prominent and pivotal experience in my life as an artist. Claire’s immense skill, artistry, intelligence, and heart inspired a level of depth, vulnerability, and precision in my work that I would not have accessed without her guidance. The process was both demanding and absolutely delightful. I am immensely grateful for her presence and commitment to creating profoundly beautiful works of art. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with Claire must seize and relish each moment.”  —Shana Cordon, Performer, Playwright, and  Educator (Boulder, CO)

“Claire is intuitive, passionate, and straight from the heart. She is fully capable as a writer, director, and performer, and adheres to the highest level of emotional and creative intelligence in all her work. She has the ability to see and express truth, and holds a safe space for actors to journey deeply into and through their creative process.”   —Lucia Rich, Performer and Dancer (Denver, CO)

“I have been fortunate to work with Claire in the rehearsal studio and she always brings a passion to her work. She is fun, exploratory, and inventive in her approach to creating theatre. I’d work with her any day.”  —Michael Gunst, Director, Gunstwork Puppet Mask Theatre (Boulder, CO)

“Working with Claire is a delight. She’s talented, intelligent, hilarious and willing to risk. Her open hearted search for her life in art is a pleasure to witness and I’m grateful to have crossed her path. Here’s to many more collaborations.”  —Judson Webb, Founder, Everything Theatre Company (Falun, Sweden)

“Claire is a powerhouse and a favorite collaborator of mine.”  —Bobby Dartt, Actor/Musician (Lakewood, CO)