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The Awkward Art of Flying

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The Awkward Art of Flying


A Physical Comedy created and Performed by Claire Patton and Lucia Rich


 About The Awkward Art of Flying:


Equal parts physical poetry and comedy, The Awkward Art of Flying follows the journey of two cavewomen as they learn how to fly. Fumbling down the path to freedom and flight, the cavewomen find themselves pinned down by the rules and restrictions of femininity with hilarious and touching results.


The piece mixes the central story with other vignettes on the themes of freedom, courage, and failure– a death match between debutante chickens and a ballet dance gone awry, among other absurdities. Downtown Abbey with a splash of Carol Burnett, pantomime and vaudeville flirting with absurdist comedy,The Awkward Art of Flying traverses genres, personifying objects, animals and historical heroines along the way in a string of fiercely imaginative and unexpectedly human poetic vignettes.


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2014 Tour Dates Announced:


Fresno’s Rogue Festival – February 28-March 9, 2014


Edmonton Fringe Festival – August 14-24, 2014


Boulder International Fringe Festival – September 17-28, 2014