Claire Patton

Physical Theater Mojo

Smite Smote Smitten

Quake Theater Presents:  Smite Smote Smitten
Written and performed by Claire Patton
Co-created and directed by Elizabeth Baron
Performed at the 2011 Boulder International Fringe Festival

Smite Smote Smitten is an absurd one-woman physical farce, the story of a girl who is attempting to grow up and failing.  She is trapped in a topsy-turvy world where blasphemy is the sincerest form of flattery, and her most reliable authority figure is a sock puppet.  Oh sure, she would like to grow up someday, but she is too busy sorting through all the advice well-meaning adults have given her.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, and no-one can refuse to grow up forever, and in Smite Smote Smitten the clock is ticking.

“Fantastic show!! Claire is not only a brilliant actor, but she has the unique ability to bring us so deeply into her world of creation that the stories and adventures, move from personal to archetypal without being cliche. That takes immense talent and Claire’s got it. Both peeing in my pants hilarious and deeply moving, this is not a show to be missed.”
-B. Jordan, Boulder, CO

“It’s been a long time since I have seen a piece of theatre so deeply and profoundly satisfying and inspiring for my heart and spirit. Many things I could say, but off top of my head: deeply courageous, breathlessly sensitive in moments, stirring and moving.” -G. Wilcox, Boulder, CO

“Thank you, Claire for your incredible talent! I recommend this to anyone open to being MOVED and blown away by true art.”
-C. Valentino, New York, NY

“What a performer! What a performer! What a performer!!!” -J. Fry, Los Angeles, CA

Photos by Timothy Rearick