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Woe to the Conquered

Quake Theater Presents:  Woe to the Conquered!
Directed by Claire Patton
Performed by Nicholas Barth, Bobby Dartt, and Todd Badolato
Co-written by Claire Patton and the Ensemble
Masks by Timothy Rearick

Performed at the 2010 Boulder International Fringe Festival

The captain is dead.  His posse is washed up and out for blood.  Anarchy has erupted, and hope is lost.  All that’s left to conquer is death itself.  Now, where did they leave their pointy things?  Woe to the Conquered! is a masked comedy, a quixotic journey through Hell and back in sixty minutes.

Winner, 2010 Boulder International Fringe Festival’s Encore! Award

Winner, 2010 Boulder Daily Camera Camera’s Eye Award for Best Comedic Performance by an Actor (awarded to Nicholas Barth, Bobby Dartt, and Todd Badolato)

“…a mythic-styled story with whacked-out comic sensibilities. Filled with surprises, laced with slapstick, whimsy and sublime silliness…”  —Mark Collins, The Daily Camera 08/24/2010

“restored my faith in theater as the most compelling art form there can be. Seriously. Hilariously funny, incredible physicality and brilliant writing. A MUST SEE.”  —S. Lepore, Westhampton, MA

“I’ve been debating with myself as to whether or not I am into theater anymore, but they definitely sold me on it…Hilarious, non-stop thrill.” —Krystal B, Boulder, CO

“The Dead Sea Scrolls of theatre. Mmm.. maybe more the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of The Odyssey. Mmm… nope. It is its own beautiful beast. Woe will pickle your funny bone. Classical and Contemporary. Reverent and ir-. Woe is me. Woe is you. Woe is me.  Yow…I’m still lickin’ ma chops.”  —Jeffry, Boulder, CO

“OMG! Imagine getting Buster Keaton, Chaplain and Jim Cary together acting a script by John Cleese on steroids. Outrageous, amazing, beyond hilarious.” —J. Johnson, Boulder, CO

Photos by Claire Patton