Claire Patton

Physical Theater Mojo


Theatre13 presents: Olive
Co-written and performed by Kjersti Ingela Webb
Co-written and directed by Claire Patton

Yeah, everyone’s been born.  But that doesn’t make you an expert on the topic.  Olive, the award-winning clown and part-time anthropologist is back, turning her keen eye on the subject of birth.  She deconstructs the myth of childbirth without storks and Virgin Marys, taking an honest look at how babies come out.  Olive’s unique perspective has no limits – she takes us on an unabashed journey through all the squishy, gory, horrifying, and touching details of pregnancy, portraying a hesitant new mother and a baby who doesn’t want to leave the womb.  Don’t miss the world premier of this existential kick in the pants.

Photo by Claire Patton