Claire Patton

Physical Theater Mojo


Boulder International Fringe Festival and Quake Theater present: Crabaret
Directed and written by Claire Patton
Starring the Crabaret Band:  Leon Arguello, Angie Beeler, David Bergner, Alex Boates, Jasmine Dancey, Andrew March, Matty Miller, Abbey Pleviak, and Phillip VanScotter

Crabaret is a monthly variety show hosted by the Crabaret Band with guest performances from local musicians, dancers, jugglers, and performers.  The show must go on, but will it?  Two divas, a high-strung host, a new age band leader, a man-child guitarist, an embittered drummer, a battle of the egos, a contest of human frailty.  Plagued by fiasco and the foibles of the Crabaret Band, Crabaret is a hilarious vaudevillian performance constantly teetering on the brink of catastrophe.  The shows feature classic and original songs performed by the eight-piece Crabaret Band.

Photos (from left to right):  Richard Cummings (, Kuba Holuj, and Lindsay Wolf.