Claire Patton

Physical Theater Mojo

Barnacle: A Salty Love Story


From the creator of The Awkward Art of Flying and A Girl’s Guide to War, a hilarious and heartbreaking tale of love lost and found at sea.

The year is 2046. The temperature is a balmy 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with a 20% chance of showers late in the evening. A woman named Penny is plummeting 60 feet through the air towards the ocean. Statistically speaking, she is falling to her death. Moments before, Penny had been standing on the edge of a cliff talking to a stranger. The conversation had been pleasant, until the stranger leaned over and whispered something into Penny’s ear. Then, Penny jumped.

Written and performed by Claire Patton.

Currently booked in March for the 2016 Rogue Festival in Fresno, CA.

Tickets available here.