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A Girl’s Guide to War

Photo by Shawn Cupolo

Photo by Shawn Cupolo


Quake Theater Presents:

A Girl’s Guide to War

Written by Claire Patton

Directed by Colleen Mylott

Performed by Claire Patton and Tim Rearick

Teenager Millicent Gulch steps on stage at her middle school talent show expecting to give the performance of her young life. She has visions of standing ovations and being carried out of the auditorium on the shoulders of her classmates. Things do not go quite as planned…

Abandoned onstage by her best friend, fiery fourteen-year-old Millicent declares war and takes over Waybrough Middle School’s annual talent show. She recruits the audience as her army, training them for battle and teaching them her rules of warfare. In this rapid-fire comedy, Millicent redefines war with the help of Napoleon Bonaparte, a mind-reading mouse, and a reluctant stage hand named Scott. A Girl’s Guide to War incorporates elements of comedy, improv, shadow puppetry, and audience participation.

Part primer on how to be a badass, part middle school confessional, A Girl’s Guide to War is a satirical and touching journey through the treacherous arena of teenage emotions.

A Girl’s Guide to War brings together some of the most exciting theatrical talent Colorado has to offer: Claire Patton- powerhouse physical performer, comedy writer, and creative mastermind, Colleen Mylott- a lauded experimental theatre director known for her epic collaborative productions, and Tim Rearick- innovative mask/puppet maker and performer.

hilariously inventive” – CBC Manitoba

electrifying…a barrel of laughs and a gloriously good time” – King’s River Life Magazine

deliciously edgy” – Fresno Bee

powerful…a must see show” – Marc Gonzalez, The Road to 1,000



Photo by Shawn Cupolo

Photo by Shawn Cupolo