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2014 Tour Dates for The Awkward Art of Flying Announced

Posted on Jan 21, 2014

2014 Tour Dates for The Awkward Art of Flying Announced

  Hey everyone! Lucia and I are pleased to announce our 2014 tour dates for our physical comedy, The Awkward Art of Flying. Pantaloons and pantomime, rules, ribbons and flying objects, this extreme physical duet will flip you upside down and inside out. The Awkward Art of Flying explores the elusive theme of feminine identity: trying it on, taking it off, and the shedding of layers in between. Experience a death match between debutante chickens and cavewomen dreaming of flight. Downton Abbey with a splash of Carol Burnett, vaudeville flirting with absurdist comedy, traversing genres, personifying objects, animals, and historical heroines along the way in a string of fiercely imaginative and unexpectedly human poetic vignettes. Leave your parasol at the door, button your buttons and batten down the hatches… it’s going to be a bumpy ride!   2014 Tour Dates: Fresno Rogue Festival:  Fresno, CA February 28-March 9, 2014 Edmonton Fringe Festival:  Edmonton, Alberta Canada August 14-24, 2014 Boulder International Fringe Festival:  Boulder, CO September 17-28, 2014  ...

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